Heuer Family Genealogical Research

When our family first began the research project on our ancestors, we didn't really understand where our Great Great Grandfather Johann came from.  My Grandfather Arnold Heuer had often said, "Your great great Grandfather is from Germany, from Treptow on the Rega"  Of course, to a young Wisconsin farm boy that could have been Mars for all I knew.  It should also be noted, that in 1857 when Johann Friederich Heuer immigrated to Wisconsin there was no Germany as Germany did not exist until 1871. 

Being brought up on a  Wisconsin dairy farm located north of Algoma in Kewaunee County, you worked closely with your parents and grandparents which provided many hours to communicate and understand family history.  Combine that with the fact that virtually all friends, church acquaintances, relatives and neighbors were of German descent there was a desire to learn more about our ancestors.

There were seven children in our family and in 1994 we all got together and each of us agreed to take on certain assignments regarding the research effort.  At that time, our brother David had already been diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease and the prognosis was not good.  That didn't hinder him from pushing and cajoling the rest of us to get going.  However as it ended up, there are three people who took on the direct responsibility for the entire book production effort, our Mother, Gertrude M. Heuer, (Trudy), Diane Heuer Piette, oldest sister and Martin F. Heuer (Marty), oldest brother. 

 I took on the challenge of building and maintaining the website. My name is Ronald H. Heuer, (Ron) and I was the youngest of the seven children.  At the time I knew, not a thing about what I was getting into.  Building the website was one thing, but keeping it up and fresh was a whole other challenge. 

The rest of the family contributed now and then or whenever or however they could.  Trudy a former librarian, instantly became the "old world" researcher, Martin got on with writing, editing, rewriting and book layout along with the "new world" research.  Diane focused on writing, editing and researching, collating and encouraging.